Slots to Play At the time, high volatility slots were popular. Many of these games can be found on the most popular lists of many online casinos. We’ve collected a selection of the best high volatility slots for you.

Some of these best high volatility slots are classics that we and many other gamers still enjoy, while others are relatively new releases.

Please remember that playing on the best high volatility slots is dangerous, and you may encounter long periods of no winnings. So it’s easy to knock your entire bankroll before you can say, “What just happened?” You have been cautioned!

From the other side, you could be extremely lucky and get one of those Super Mega winnings of 9,000 – 13,000 times your bet per spin, which is extremely improbable.

Due to the enormous liability and loss that casinos may face, several of these extremely volatile games are prohibited from being used in conjunction with a bonus.

Never bet bigger money than you can afford to lose. Set suitable bankroll and time constraints for yourself, and stop playing when it no longer feels pleasant. To play casino games online, you must be at least 18 years old.

List of Best High Volatility Slots to Play 

Source: GMC India

Based on information released by casino tastic, it is mentioned that there are the top four best high volatility slots that you can find in most online casinos. Here are those best high volatility slots.

Dead or Alive (DOA) – Netent

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Dead or Alive, or DOA as it’s generally known among casino customers, is our absolute best high volatility slots. NetEnt, the game provider, published it in 2009.

Please remember that the visuals aren’t up to the latest level found on casino slots launched nowadays. Nonetheless, Dead or Alive continues to be a popular slot game among casino players these days because of its super highly volatile gameplay and hence the possibility of epic huge winnings.

It features a Wild West theme, and the most action can take place during the free spins feature. When three or more gun symbols appear on the reels, the free spins feature is launched.

During the Dead or Alive free spin mode, you have the chance to win big by activating the sticky wild feature. This occurs when the wanted posters get sticky and behave as wilds for the remainder of the free spins. The more wanted posters/wilds you fill the screen with, the greater your potential prizes.

The maximum bet for each spin is €18. The highest win on the Dead or Alive slot was 12,000 times the player’s bet per spin. This is also most likely the absolute greatest potential win at this online slot.

It should be noted that most online casinos prohibit the usage of Dead or Alive in conjunction with a reward.

Why is this slot in the first place?

It’s old, the visuals aren’t great, and the music isn’t very catchy, so why is it ranked first? Simply said, you can win BIG in this casino game. It’s also a pretty easy casino game to play and learn.

Raging Rhino – WMS


We are having a great time playing this slot!

How so?

The same reason why so many other gamers adore it – it’s extremely volatile!

Raging Rhino, a game developed by Williams (WMS), is accessible both online and at numerous land-based casinos. It’s one of WMS’s most volatile slots, if not the absolute most volatile. We don’t talk about the best high volatility. This is about volatility only. It contains a feature called “Any Way,” which means that there are a total of 4,096 different winning combinations on each spin.

The largest wins, however, might occur during the game’s free spins feature. The free spins bonus is triggered by landing at least three diamond symbols anywhere on the reels during the main game.

More diamonds = more free spins.

  • 3 diamonds = 8 free spins
  • 4 diamonds = 15 free spins
  • 5 diamonds = 20 free spins
  • 6 diamonds = 50 free spins

During the free spins mode, you can also get more free spins by obtaining two or more diamonds to appear on the reels.

The very massive winnings will occur when you finally land some wilds that work as multipliers on the reels, along with as many Rhinos as possible on the screen.

Know that Raging Rhino is a highly unpredictable game, so long stretches without any great wins are possible. Enjoy!

Bonanza – Big Time Gaming 

Source: Slots Temple

Bonanza, published in 2016, is one of our all-time favorite games from one of our favorite game developers, Big Time Gaming. This slot is quite unique, and some could even call it insane. It has a mining theme, and the reel structure is unique. Bonanza contains six reels, each of which may hold up to seven symbols.

The Megawin feature on this Big Time Gaming slot can provide up to 117,649 winning combinations. The music is difficult to explain, so you’ll have to listen for yourself, but the vibe we get is something along the lines of “Yiiiiihaaaa!”

The free spins feature, which is activated when the symbols G, O, L, D appear on the reels, is where the large prizes can be discovered.

Another best high volatility slots from game developer BTG. Please give Bonanza a try; you’ve probably never seen anything like it.

Extra Chilli – Big Time Gaming

Source: NeonSlots

This casino slot is, as the name suggests, HOT! In terms of both the best high volatility slots and popularity among online casino players.

Extra Chilli is another of our current favorite high volatility (and overall) casino slots. Big Time Gaming, the game provider that has consistently delivered high-quality slots in recent years, is the creator and brains behind this casino slot.

Extra Chilli was launched in April of last year. It’s quite similar to the previously mentioned Bonanza slot and is seen by many players as a sequel to that game.

So what’s so interesting about this slot?


Extra Chilli also incorporates Big Time Gaming’s Megaways game engine. This implies that each spin will have a different number of ways to win, all the way up to 117,649 ways to win.

Big wins 

Extra Chilli is a very volatile slot with large potential big wins of up to 10,000 times your stake per play. Massive potential wins are possible but keep in mind that this position is highly volatile, so even if you can win large amounts, most players will end up with nothing in the end. High volatility equals high risk.

The Free spins feature 

The possibly largest wins can occur during the free spins phase, and there are several extremely unique features available in this slot that revolve around the free spins mode. To start, the regular way to activate the free spins round is to strike the gold symbols H, O, T wherever on the reels at the same moment.

You will receive a total of 8 free spins as a result of this. However, if you are in the mood to gamble, you can take a chance and receive even more free spins or, in the worst-case scenario, lose them all before the mode even begins.

The free spins gamble feature 

In normal conditions, when playing slot machines, you would be overjoyed to acquire the free spins mode. You’ll be pleased to find it triggered on Extra Chilli as well, but the difference in this slot (and a few other Big Time Gaming slots) is that you can bet with your free spins before the bonus even begins.

Final Thought

We’ve noted it many times before, but it bears repeating. These are high volatility slots, which means you won’t get many small to medium winnings. Instead, you can go for extended stretches without winning anything, but because of all of this, some extremely lucky players will occasionally win very large sums.

High volatility slots are risky, but they can also be exciting. We recommend that you only play these highly volatile types of slots when you have a larger bankroll to play with, as these slots can quickly drain all your money due to the scarcity of wins and how to win online slot games. So, prioritize choosing the type of online slot with good odds for your winning.

The final decision is, of course, yours. Just keep in mind to have pleasure and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

If you choose to play the best high volatility slots, have fun and hope you get some of those crazy mega epic large wins. Find interesting information about online game reviews only at MajesticStar.

That is the end of our list of best high volatility slots to play in 2022.