Have you noticed there is a method how to determine the volatility of a slot machine? If you haven’t figured it out, this post will be helpful for you. 

The odds of winning at slot machines differ depending on the game. To evaluate your chances, you should first examine a game’s return to player (RTP). RTP indicates how much you may anticipate winning in the long run from a game. If a slot has an RTP of 97 percent, it will potentially return $97 for every $100 bet.

Many online slot companies publish reward rates for their games. You may typically obtain this information on the information page or by searching for it on the internet. Another significant component in deciding your winnings is volatility. It assesses how well short-term results match the RTP.

Volatility, unfortunately, is not widely available. Most games do not provide a volatility rating in the same way that they do payout percentages. Fortunately, there is a straightforward method to determine how volatile a slot is. This method, as well as others for calculating your short-term chances of winning, will be reviewed.

Check the full explanation on how to determine the volatility of a slot machine and how to choose an online slot with good odds below.

Why is Volatility Important?

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Slot machines payout in a variety of ways. They give out minor cash prizes, jackpots, and rewards. You make more money when you hit combinations with a high probability of success. A reward that occurs once every 500,000 spins will pay significantly more than a jackpot that occurs once every 1,000 rounds. The previous type of payment is what keeps slot machines interesting. They do, however, enhance volatility.

To earn, the house must keep its edge with each slot. As a result, they can only program large rewards to occur regularly. Meanwhile, they plan to deliver smaller prizes more frequently. Low rewards let you build your bankroll as you pursue larger winnings. In conclusion, higher payouts make slot machines more unpredictable. Small rewards, on the other side, reduce volatility and allow you to win more frequently.

When selecting a slot machine, keep volatility in mind and the way to determine the volatility of a slot game. If you have a high bankroll, short-term uncertainty may not influence you too much. If you want to stretch out a little bankroll, you should play less volatile slots. These will offer you more payments and keep you in the game for a longer period.

How to Determine The Volatility of a Slot Machine: Jackpots Tell Everything

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In first explanation about how to determine the volatility of a slot machine, we are going to start with definition of volatility itself. You may already be aware of the level of volatility with which you are comfy. But how can you tell if a slot machine is predictable? In the perfect scenario, you will select a game with a volatility rating. This rating is displayed in the information display of some slot machines.

For example, a game’s volatility may be rated 3 out of 5 stars. This value indicates that the game is in the middle of the spectrum. However, most slots do not provide this detail.

To explain this logic, consider the following:

Slot 1

  • A progressive jackpot of $3,000 is available on a slot machine.
  • Based on the highest reward, the volatility of this game is most likely relatively low.

Slot 2

  • A progressive jackpot of $2 million is offered by a slot machine.
  • This massive top prize suggests a potentially volatile game.

Again, this is a really basic strategy. The jackpot, on the other hand, can provide immediate information on a slot machine’s potential volatility. So, you can determine the volatility of a slot based on its Jackpot. When dealing with progressive jackpots, you should concentrate on the allocated money. After all, the seed amount symbolizes the amount of money that suppliers must put into the game.

Two games could have $100,000 jackpots that are similar. However, if one is needed at $10,000 and the other at $5,000, the latter will most likely be less volatile. After all, the provider does not need to invest as much money in this instance.

How to Determine The Volatility of a Slot Machine: Other Factors to Determine it

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We’re still talking about how to determine the volatility of a slot machine. You can only understand so much by simply glancing at the jackpot. As a result, to acquire a truly accurate evaluation of volatility, you should consider the following elements :

Size of Other Payouts

The jackpot isn’t the only high payout that might occur. Aside from the jackpot, some slot machines offer multiple huge jackpots. I consider any payoff of 500 coins or more to be significant. Assuming a game has 3-4 or more prizes like this, it’s highly volatile. 

Games that do not have many, if any, payouts worth 500 coins, on the other hand, will pay more consistently. They don’t have big jackpots to compensate for by putting you through a lot of losing streaks.

Bonus Rounds

Most slot machines provide extras such as free spins, pick’em rounds, re-spins, and second-screen games. These extras are intended to boost entertainment value by providing new games. They can, however, include large cash prizes. In rare circumstances, the top bonus payout exceeds the prize. Such additional awards increase the volatility of a slot online machine. Then, you can detemine the volatility of a slot machine by this way. 

Random Features

Slots can also include random features such as extra wild symbols, additional scatters and expanding wilds in addition to bonuses. For example, a slot machine may randomly place more wild symbols on the reels. It could also transform a conventional sign into an expanding wild. 

Such elements assist in converting losses into wins and victories into even larger awards. These unexpected bonuses, however, detract from the normal gains.

Cascading Reels

This characteristic refers to the loss of symbols from the winning combination. Icons from above fall into proper placement, possibly resulting in more wins. Tiered reels allow you to get more payouts in one spin. However, they are other aspects that increase the level of volatility and concern you in determining the volatility of a slot machine. After all, the tiered reels allow you to win a large number of prizes in a single spin. With this game, you will go through many rounds where you won nothing.

Number of Winning Ways

Many modern slots provide a variety of chances to win. Some games today include hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of different ways to win. These Megaways slots have reels with variable amounts of symbols. In some games, the reels can carry up to 12 icons and Free slots with a bonus. 

The lack of paylines adds to the appeal of this type. Megaways allows you to build wins by landing symbols on neighboring reels. I’ve seen online slot machines with 117,649 to 60,446,176 ways to win. The sheer amount of winning options is certainly interesting. The fact that you can discover so many ways, on the other hand, makes the payments less consistent.


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If you’ve ever questioned why you have dramatic hot and cold streaks with slots, go no farther than volatility. In the short run, volatility influences how much you may anticipate winning. You might choose less volatile games to increase the number of rewards you receive shortly.

Sadly, the same slots do not include progressive jackpots, Megaways, or various extra features. When selecting slot machines that offer the latter, you must be willing to take a bigger risk. It all boils down to your personal choices. Do you want to stretch your bankroll, or are you looking for the biggest jackpots and bonuses?

However, you cannot rely solely on the magnitude of the prize. Some slots are extremely unpredictable due to the presence of massive extra payouts, Megaways, random features, and/or cascading reels. However, you should take these other aspects into account to gain a more realistic picture of a game’s volatility.

That is all that we can share with you on how to determine the volatility of a slot machine. We hope this post has helped you in finding the best slot machine for you to play. In the next post, I’ll tell you more detail about how to determine the volatility of a slot machine and some tips that you use to win over slot machine.

I hope this guide to how to determine the volatility of a slot machine will be helpful for you who want to play slot games. See you in next post