Poker players who claim to have no leaks in their game are almost definitely deceiving themselves. Even the best poker players have some sort of leak that affects their bottom line, no matter how minor.

Consider a busted water pipe in your home, one with a large hole in it. You would be aware of the pipe rupture very immediately. You would immediately contact a plumber, who would then bill you through the nose to solve your problem. 

But how to stopping poker leaks would be remedied and the degree of the damage would be modest. Consider what may happen if the leak in the pipe was very minor, but nevertheless a leak.

How to Stopping Poker Leaks : Getting Know Furthermore

This leak might lie undiscovered for months, if not years, enabling water to seep into your home until something catastrophic occurs. How to stopping poker leaks such as something extraordinarily expensive.

What does a busted pipe have to do with poker? Let us stretch our imaginations a little. Assume that if you hold a royal flush and your opponent raises all in, you fold. While this would be an expensive error, it would only occur once or twice a year, and only if you played a lot of poker. If you played 1 or 2 dollars on a regular basis, this leak may cost you only 200 dollars each year.

Instead, if you made a fault that only caused you half a big blind each time, but you made it five times every session. That “leak” would cost you far more money than the large but infrequent error in the first case. 

Instead of one or two dramatic instances of “royal flushing” away large pots, this later, more common error would result in a more continual, if possibly less noticeable, trickle negatively damaging your bankroll.

How to Stopping Poker Leaks : a Big Errors

Large errors or leaks are simple to spot since they stick out like a sore thumb. Although no one is folding royal flushes, there are other apparent, expensive blunders that are simple to see and hence easier to solve.

Meanwhile, minor errors or leaks sometimes go unreported for lengthy periods of time, generally because players are completely ignorant of what is going on and this can make them eventually more detrimental.

How to stopping poker leaks ? Some small leaks that might be reducing your victory rate include :

  • Playing an excessive number of hands from the blinds
  • Playing an excessive number of hands out of position
  • There is insufficient value in betting.
  • Playing your cards too passively
  • Regardless of opponent type or flop texture, always place a continuation bet.
  • Changing the size of your wager dependent on the strength of your hand

How to Stopping Poker Leaks by Using Hand Records

Going over your hand records with a fine toothed comb is the greatest method to fix leaks. Tools like Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker are excellent for this purpose. Begin with the ten largest pots won and the ten largest pots lost, and consider whether you might have played any of those hands differently. Even if you were meant to lose the hand, you could have been prepared to drop a bit less.

Examine the hands you played from the flats, under the gun, early position, and so on. Examine your play from the poorest locations at the table to see whether you’re being too loose. Players enjoy calling too lightly in the small and big blinds because they get a discount for doing so. While appealing, this is an expensive error in the long run.

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