Playing at low volatility slot machines, does offer more winnings?. Let’s find the answer to this question through my post.

The theme, bonuses, jackpot size, and the Return To Player are all factors that many slot players consider when selecting their favorite games. All of these ways are absolutely acceptable for picking slot machines.

The main difficulty is that volatility is frequently overlooked. Many players are ignorant of this concept or are unsure why it is important.

Volatility has a significant impact on how much you can win in any given slot session. With less volatile slots, you can expect to win a lot of cash. 

Continue reading to learn why low volatility leads to more winnings. I’ll also go through the advantages and disadvantages of playing frequent-paying games.

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Definition of Slot Machine Volatility

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The statistical measure of the dispersion of results is volatility. Simply stated, as compared to the statistical mean, this term refers to how explosive outcomes can be. 

The term “high volatility” refers to the fact that results differ significantly from the average. Low volatility, on the other hand, provides results that are closer to the mean. Some of the most unpredictable casino games are slot machines. They provide a wide range of prizes, from a few credits to thousands, if not millions, of credits.

Casinos would lose a lot of money if you won too many times on slot machines. After all, some rewards are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars.

Smaller prizes will make up the large majority of your winnings. Even if you only risk one credit, winning 5, 10, or 50 coins is significant.

As a result, slot machines must compensate by offering you less rewards than other casino games.  You won’t win nearly as many playing slots as you would playing blackjack or baccarat, for example. They both have even-money payouts, which means you’ll have a better chance of winning.

Of course, different slots have different levels of volatility. Some are less explosive than others, as I’ll explain further below.

Why Does Slot Machine Volatility Matter?

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The return to player (RTP) is one of the first considerations for many slot players. The RTP is significant since it decides how much a slot machine will pay out in the long run.

High-payback slots provide you a better long-term chance of winning. But what about the here and now?

When compared to other casino games, keep in mind that slot machines are more volatile. RTP may explain your long-term odds, but it ignores the volatility along the road.

You might win more in a single session if you play a slot with a 90 percent RTP than if you play a game with a 95 percent return. This is especially true if a slot has low volatility, which boosts the amount of money it can pay out in a short period of time.

In this post, I’m winning on low-volatility slot machines since I prefer to win more frequently — even if the RTP is lower.

How to Determine Slot Machine Volatility

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It can be simple or difficult to determine how volatile a slot machine is. When the developer includes a volatility rating in the help screen, it’s simple. If so, you will increasingly find the type of online slot with the best odds to increase your chances of winning

Pragmatic Play, for example, gives a lightning bolt rating to games ranging from one to five. The volatility of one bolt indicates that the game is low-volatile and will pay out frequently.

Regrettably, most online slot machines do not provide any indication of this. As a result, you’ll have to use a different approach to figure it out.

When the developer does not provide a rating, there is no reliable way to determine the exact volatility of a slot. You can, however, make an educated guess based on the pay table.

When looking for a low volatility slot machines, keep the following in mind:

  • Jackpot size – Smaller Jackpots
  • Number of large payouts – Fewer big Rewards.
  • Number of small payouts – Small rewards.
  • Bonus features – Fewer bonuses.
  • Number of lines – More lines 

Playing slots with small jackpots and few bonuses may not be as fun as playing slots with bigger jackpots and more bonuses. Games like these, on the other hand, at least distribute winnings more fairly. They don’t have to take into account all of the major rewards and bonuses available.

Consider a slot machine with a $100,000 jackpot, free spins, a bonus game on the second screen, and scatter payouts. It can’t pay out as regularly because the jackpot and bonuses have so much RTP.

It’s also vital to understand the difference between the starting and current values of a progressive jackpot. A progressive reward is seeded at a set amount by a developer/casino. As players place bets, the payout increases.

Advantages of Low Volatility Slot Machines


Low volatility slot machines provide a number of advantages over higher-volatility games. It all starts with the fact that they provide more consistent rewards.

However, there are also less obvious advantages to these spaces. Here are all of the advantages of getting less volatility.

Chances of Winning More Frequently

Nobody enjoys spinning the reels ten times only to come up empty-handed. Unfortunately, when playing slots with large jackpots and multiple bonuses, this is an issue.

You can alleviate this problem by choosing slot machines with smoother payout structures. With more lines and smaller rewards, you have a better chance of winning with each spin.

Of course, this isn’t to claim that low volatility slot machines have the same payout frequency as baccarat. You’ll still have dry stretches and significant wins from time to time. However, when compared to the ordinary slot, you can expect more frequent payouts.

Make Bankroll Management Easier

Due to the unpredictability of slot machines, managing your bankroll is challenging. low volatility slot machines, on the other hand, make the task a little easier.

During most slot sessions, you will lose between 200 and 300 betting units every hour. When it comes to managing your bankroll, you definitely want to stay in the lower range.

Nothing guarantees that reality will develop in the way that the math predicts. With a proper bankroll plan, though, you still have a better chance of surviving. Of course, you can always go on a winning streak when it comes to slots. It is, nonetheless, preferable to be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Disadvantages of Low Volatility Slot Machines

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As you can see, frequent-paying slots provide a lot of advantages. They give out prizes more frequently, make bankroll management easier, and let you play for longer periods of time.

However, not everything about these low volatility slot machines is great. You should also consider the following disadvantages of low volatility slot machines.

Small Jackpots

Slots are a lot of fun when you’re playing for a life-changing jackpot. This explains why multimillion-dollar jackpot games are so popular.

This feature is missing from low volatility slot machines. They pay out more frequently, therefore they can’t afford to throw in a massive reward on top of it all. You might still have a chance to win a prize worth 1,000 to 10,000 credits if you spin the wheel. However, you will not become rich by playing these slot games.

Smaller Regular Wins

Jackpots and bonuses aren’t the only ways to win large amounts of money when playing slots. On the reels, you can also win a lot of cash.

A less volatile slot, on the other hand, will not have as many of these rewards. In these games, the biggest non-jackpot wins usually range from 100 to 1,000 credits. These are excellent payouts, especially when they occur multiple times in a single session. They are not, however, going to throw a big party for you.

That’s all I have to say about low volatility slot machines. Finally, it is up to you to decide whether or not to play these slot machine games. What do you think?

Last but not least, we’d like to recommend you some simple classic slots. These games are so easy to play, yet very profitable. If you’re interested, just try Mars Odyssey, Cleopatra, or Diamond Dozen slot machines.