From this Itero Echospins review, you must be interested to play that game. To quote Nietzsche, would it be a blessing or a misfortune to be given the opportunity to live your life over and over again, in exactly the same way, down to the tiniest detail, for eternity? 

According to one view, people who answer yes have accepted and owned their lives, good, terrible, and ugly. ‘How well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to seek nothing more fiercely than this ultimate immortal affirmation and seal,’ as the German philosopher put it?

Itero, a game that lets players replay a part of the past with a new feature called EchoSpins – accessible in the base game and two bonus rounds – may have been inspired by this notion or something similar when it was created by Hacksaw Gaming.

Summary of Itero Echospins Review

Itero, a Latin term that means “to repeat,” has a philosophical air about it when it loads. The game features a black hue comparable to Hand of Anubis, although the feel is considerably different from the other’s heavy Egyptian afterlife vibe. 

Itero is more introspective, with a flowing piano-led backdrop that would be great for a montage film of modern life scenes. Statues appear as symbols on the 5×4 game grid, with splashes of brilliant neon color scattered throughout, breaking up what might have been an overly gloomy mood otherwise.

1. Volatility and RTP

Now for some figures, starting with RTP, which is adjustable and can reach 96.18% when playing in standard mode. 

If you qualify for bonus buys, the figure will change, as shown further down. Hacksaw’s volatility is high as usual, with the studio giving it a 5 out of 5, indicating sessions that dip and fall as dramatically as any other.

2. Paying Symbols

The game has a success rate of 29.38 percent and wins when similar symbols land left to right from the rightmost side on any of the 20 paylines. 

The low pays are Roman fonted 10-A symbols, paid 1-2x the stake for five of a kind, while the highs are five busts, valued 4-10x the stake for a line of five. Three-headed dog wilds can appear on any reel to replace regular payouts, and five wilds on a payline pay out 10 times the bet.

3. Game Features

EchoSpins, a new respin mechanism from Hacksaw, makes its debut in Itero Echospins review. This can happen in either the regular game or one of the bonus games, Wrath of Jupiter or Gift from the Gods.


EchoSpins are a type of respin that repeats the initial triggering spin. EchoSpins are granted when a Hand of Jupiter symbol appears on at least one winning payline. The number 1 to 8 shown by the Hand of Jupiter symbol corresponds to the number of EchoSpins. 

Two types of Multiplier symbols also appear on the reels, which is a significant feature. Multiplicative Multipliers of x2 or x3 and Additive Multipliers of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10.

If multiplier symbols appear during EchoSpins, they are gathered by a global win multiplier and added to the overall line wins. Each EchoSpin also repeats the collection. If two EchoSpins are won with an x2 and x5 Additive Multiplier, the first respin’s win is multiplied by x7, and the second respin’s win is multiplied by x14. During EchoSpins, multipliers are only applied to winnings.

Wrath of Jupiter

When exactly three scatter symbols are visible, this bonus is delivered. There’s a stronger possibility of hitting Hand of Jupiter symbols throughout the feature, which means more EchoSpins and bigger multipliers. When an EchoSpins sequence ends, the win multiplier is reset.

Gift from The Gods

Any multiplier symbol that lands during this bonus, which is triggered when four scatter symbols appear, is saved by the total win multiplier. The accumulated multiplier is used to repeat wins the following time EchoSpins are activated. The win multiplier resets when an EchoSpins sequence ends.

Bonus Buy

Players that have access to the Buy Bonus button can buy the very volatile Wrath of Jupiter for 129x the wager (RTP 96.2%) or the very highly volatile Gift from the Gods for 200x the bet (RTP 96.2%) (RTP 96.25%).

Final Thoughts

Itero is a one-of-a-kind experience, from its name to its focus on classical cultural icons. Some games go for a gut-punch approach, while Itero also stirs something intellectual. It has an exceptionally high brow edge to it, prompting topics that few slots do while simultaneously causing white-knuckle moments. 

You have to hand it to Hacksaw; they’re doing things that no one else is doing. When you consider their path from Om Nom, a pleasant handheld game about junk food, to Itero, a Latin-themed slot that explores the riddles of time in a philosophical environment, it’s incredible.

The studio’s originality, as well as their desire to explore a wide range of topics, is inspiring, and it’s the perfect antidote to an industry filled with uninspired mediocrity. Finally, it is our Itero Echospins review for your consideration to play games at situs slot gacor.

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