Yggdrasil created the Vikings Go To Valhalla slot demo machine. Sticky wilds, mystery symbols, collection symbols, free spins, respins, and bonus multipliers are among the essential features. The biggest jackpot in this 96% RTP, extremely volatile slot machine is worth 23,210 times your initial bet.

The Vikings of Yggdrasil have been very active lately. We’ve already had the chance to see them in berserk and wild modes, and who can forget Vikings Go to Hell?

Now, we watch as they travel to Valhalla, Asgard’s grand hall of the dead that is ruled by Odin and arguably the most significant destination for all Vikings. You receive a variety of features and additional modes in addition to the standard battling adventures and dramatic vistas that Viking conflicts are known for.

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Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

A slot machine with a clear Vikings motif is called Vikings Go To Valhalla. That much should be clear. Due to its Scandinavian origins and use of the name Yggdrasil, which is associated with Norse mythology and the “central sacred tree,” Yggdrasil is knowledgeable about this subject. Additionally, we can see that the knowledge gained by playing earlier Vikings Go slots has influenced this most recent design, raising the bar for both gameplay and all visual aspects.

You get the cartoon-like images, but none of the battle moments are diminished by this. With a chilly, lonely backdrop that features Jormungandr, the “world snake” and Thor’s enduring foe, slithering around the mountains, the dynamic reels and fiery symbols all reflect the mood.

The attention to detail in Vikings Go To Valhalla is impeccable, and the symphonic score effectively transports you to the world of the Norse Gods. The aesthetics, audio, and attention to detail in Yggdrasil are all top-notch.

Vikings Go To Valhalla RTP & Volatility

The RTP for Vikings Go To Valhalla is 96%, which Yggdrasil has maintained for all of its Vikings Go slots. Additionally, it represents the typical RTP for all of our online slots, which ought to entice many players. High gameplay volatility has been evaluated, with a top prize worth 23,210 times your initial bet for those who make it to Valhalla.

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How To Play Vikings Go To Valhalla

An overview of how to use the Vikings Go To Valhalla slot machine demo is as follows:

  • Start the Vikings by pressing the center spin button. Valhalla reels, please
  • To modify the amount of your total wager, use the “+” and “-” coin value buttons.
  • The “+” button will take you to the paytable and slot machine rules.
  • Option for spin speed
  • a play button

How to Win

The 5×4 slot layout of the Vikings Go To Valhalla slot machine has a fixed total of 25 paylines. Starting with the leftmost reel, winning rewards are made for combinations of three or more symbols. There are other features to increase your wins, but base game payouts range from 0.2x to 10x your original bet.

Four coins and four Vikings serve as the symbols, which are all based on the topic of the Vikings (see below for the full symbol list). The gameplay and extra games revolve around the Vikings, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Additionally, the wilds and scatters fulfill their regular roles as symbol substitutes and feature triggers. And you’re Want a chance to win big in playing slots? you can use bypass injector slot from now on.

Rage Meter for Vikings Go to Valhalla and Berzerk Respins

Under the reels are four Viking characters. By landing symbol combinations, you must fill up each of the 16 fury points surrounding it. You receive one, two, or three fury points for combinations of three, four, or five symbols. When all 16 points are filled, the Viking enters Berserk Mode and the Berzerk Respins ability is activated.

Jormungandr is always defeated by the Berzerk Viking. Additionally, it becomes a sticky wild for the remainder of the bonus game as a result. Be aware that other Viking characters have been known to succeed in combat and become sticky wilds as well.

Ragnarok Bonus Wheel & Ragnarok Free Spins

After the usual round of free spins is over, the Ragnarok Wheel becomes active, giving you the opportunity to access the unique Ragnarok bonus game. The wheel has six inner reels, and to move to the next inner reel, you must spin a gold component. To start the Ragnarok free spins, spin six times.

  • You lose and go back to the base game if you land a grey section.
  • But! For subsequent spins throughout your current session, that grey area will change into gold.

All Viking characters go berserk when the Ragnarok free spins feature is activated. This guarantees that all four Vikings will triumph in combat and grant you sticky wilds during the bonus game. In other words, the Ragnarok free spins option offers far higher winning possibilities.

Vikings Go To Valhalla – Conclusion

The Yggdrasil Vikings Go slot series has consistently shown that it is deserving of the title of top Viking slot series. The enormous popularity of the Viking concept is helpful. However, you must support that with engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and worthwhile reward potential.

Yggdrasil successfully completes all of those tasks, particularly in Vikings Go to Valhalla. A Valhalla-based slot needs to strike the mark, as we stated at the beginning, and happily, in this instance, it does. A blazing wrath meter, battles, mysterious symbols, bonus wheels, and a ton of sticky wilds are all to be expected.